It’s time for some adventure in Andaman and Nicobar Island

It’s time for some adventure in the Andaman and the Nicobar Island


Adventure packed state of Andaman is highly visited destinations by foreigner of the world. It has lured travelers of all kinds with it endless offerings. This time when you plan your Andaman, go beyond the well-known attractions and explore its thrilling side. Andaman is a very famous getaway for travelers in India because it is famous for its fresh water and air, sporting activities such as scuba diving.

The very name of Andaman conjures multiple images in our minds – of beaches, of lush greens, of sandy stretches, of blue waters, of lavish parties, lots of music. Why not leave all these aside and travel for the sake of adventure, this time. So are you ready to grab your tickets to Andaman and explore the endless possibilities this small Indian state has to offer.


Adventure means different thing to different people. But essentially it is synonymous to fun, enjoyment and some action packed activities. With Andaman holiday packages you can experience a great amount of thrill and excitement. Planning a trip towards the Andaman with only sun, sea, sand, party and sightseeing in mind will not give you the complete experience of the place. The captivating landscapes are a playground for a series of activities.

Scuba diving: If you are planning to visit Andaman then, try scuba diving because it doesn’t need for you to actually know swimming. Many people think that swimming is important before entering in to water, but it is quite far away from reality. You can try backstroke in Andaman and can experience the enchanting water life and colorful corals. Scuba diving is included in our Andaman holiday package.



Try “Glass bottom boat ride”: This ride will give life time experience and especially for those people, have fear of water. This is a very comfortable ride which will add some new events of the corals in your life. People can try this ride at North Bay coral island and between jolly buoy and port Blair Island.


Hiking: Hiking gives you an opportunity to explore places that lie hidden and are less frequented. Andaman has many such hiking destinations that bring forth unexplored beauties of nature as you walk.


Try boil out at Havelock Island: did you ever went there? If your are sure to say no, then must visit to the Andaman and then try parasailing, I can surely say that, It will become unforgettable memory for you. It is an airobetic and mixture water adventure.that is Tied behind the motorboat while it is harnessed in the parachute, you get to actually fly like a kite behind the actual boat as it speeds off in the sea.


Water sports: You can’t really keep yourself away from water adventures in Andaman. The actual beauty of the Andaman Sea are a bustling place with a flurry of activities. The waters welcome you to enjoy a range of activities like kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing, yachting, snorkeling and scuba diving.


Swimming with elephant: Andaman is the only place in India which provides you a way to ride with the star elephant (Rajan). The elephants are very friendly and will give you amazing company so grab it and book chance to get a bathe with star elephant in advance. Swimming with Rajan is included in our Andaman holiday package.